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My Royalty Wraps LLC’. is a phenomenal brand that embraces Self-Love and sisterhood in the name of Head Wraps! Born and raised in Detroit, YaYa is a wife, mother and entrepreneur that is passionate about sharing her journey through the art of head wrapping.

The foundation of ‘My Royalty Wraps LLC’ was created with a vision of being a resource to network with other individuals and businesses to build lifelong relationships. Affectionately known as Queen YaYa, her vision is to create an atmosphere of culture, unity and support within the community of sisterhood.

In sharing her passion... she holds many head wrap classes and has participated in various events. Her genuine appreciation for every interaction and opportunity is truly a blessing.

“I am honored that everyone loves ‘My Royalty Wraps’ online store and head wrap tutorials, but always remember that wrapping your crown is more than a physical appearance... it’s a lifestyle” - Love YaYa 

Proud to be Black Family owned and opperated


 My Royalty Wraps is my way of Normalizing Beauty through Modesty. It's very important to be a positive example, especially for the next generation. Let's show the world that Self Love can be accomplished in a sophisticated manner. 

"There's a positive vibration that's going on around the world, and the universe chose you to be here at this exact moment! You are growing into your divine magnificent self & you should be proud! My Royalty Wraps are created with passion to encourage you to always be & look your best! Being a Queen has never been more intriguing. The representation of SiSterhood meets here! Make sure that your crown matches your heart." -Queen YaYa 

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-Queen YaYa

Being in charge is a lifestyle. Royalty is the unspoken language.
I am Phenomenal proof that you can create everything you desire through positive energy and tough love. My Royalty Wraps Headwraps are not just a crown..... It's how you choose to carry yourself. 
-Queen YaYa-