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Metro Detroit: Book My Royalty Wraps LLC


Peace family, thank you for being here. Are you having a Conference, Expo, or fashion show and would like to Experience Queen YaYa and My Royalty Wraps? Are you Looking to Book a Head Wrap class or workshop to add some Style to Your next occasion? Either way, this service will Automatically upgrade your event to be informative, fun, and Stylish.


Your audience will enjoy an authentic and professional display of My Royalty Wraps along with live tutorials with your guests, showing the many ways to Wrap. These demonstrations will be Hands-on, so be ready for entertaining interaction!


My Exclusive Head Wrap Collection will be Available for your clients to purchase. My beauty secrets including Hair, Skin, and nutrition are often topics of discussion. I’m certain that your guests will walk away feeling like Phenomenal Queens.


Head Wrapping is my passion so it’s important that we create a platform that’ll leave a positive impression. Let's embrace the beauty of influential women coming together, while building the confidence of young queens within our community. There’s so much power in Self-Love and SiSterhood. If My Royalty Wraps ties into your next occasion, Book me Today! It would be an honor.

Peace and Love .


-Queen YaYa-

Booking Request Form

**Please allow 48hrs to review  your request. We will notify you upon approval with further details. 

 Thank You for Booking My Royalty Wraps. 

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